PC 072723
PERCEPTIVE CONTENT (formerly known as ImageNow) is the enterprise imaging solution at Duke University.
This enterprise content management system allows administrative users to capture, process, search and retrieve documents electronically.

How Perceptive Content works:

Physical documents can be converted to digital files and stored on a centralized server. Once the documents have been captured into Perceptive Content, they are assigned indexing keys so they can be easily searched and retrieved. 

Documents can be seamlessly routed through workflow for processing, making business processes more streamlined and more efficient. 

Documents are captured into Perceptive Content via a desktop application client (Windows PC only).

Benefits for using Perceptive Content:

  • Reduces the need of physical storage space
  • Enhances security
  • More reliable backups
  • Reduces the time transferring documents between departments

*Note: This license does not include imaging services for corporate administrative support functions and areas such as Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Payroll.

Please view the instructions on the Client Installations page.

General Information: