December 13, 2021

December 13, 2021

Below is an update that we are asking that you share with all users in your office who might be impacted.


Production Systems

Currently, all production systems (the ones we use each day) are back online. This includes the following:

DukeHub – Functioning as normal

Tableau - We have noticed that Tableau is refreshing slightly slower than usual, but otherwise, functioning as normal

Perceptive Content – We are experiencing an issue with SATS, otherwise, functioning as normal.


Non-Production Systems

All non-Production systems remain offline. These will remain offline until all systems are patched and secure.


Additional/Secondary Issues

Users have reported several different issues in PRD. These issues may be related to work being done to update our system.

Query Manager – Users are experiencing inconsistency when removing a record from a query. This happens intermittently when the small ‘minus’ sign is clicked to remove the record. It appears that clicking multiple times will eventually trigger the removal, or closing the query and re-opening also seems to help.

Financial Aid – Both the Maintain Budgets page and the Student Award pages have shown inconsistency in posting data. Both pages appear to save changes made, but if a user exists the page, and then re-enters it, the data is not there.

Navigation icons on the Homepages (top right corner) are not displaying correctly. This only occurs on Homepages, and only occurs when using the Firefox browser.

All of these issues are being reviewed, and our OIT partners are working to determine a cause and fix.


SISS will send a daily update each morning to keep you aware of any changes, or you can refer to our Alerts page.