SISS Groups to Assist You

If you have questions for our office, please use this reference guide to tap the right group to assist you.

I have a question about…

Please contact

Who gets your email?

Admissions (PeopleSoft issues) sends e-mail)

Kathleen, David, Donna

Admissions (Slate issues) sends e-mail)

Pat, Kathleen, Satina, Tevin

Data feeds / Reporting sends e-mail)

David, Natalie

Financial Aid sends e-mail)

Andrew, Tom, Holly

Student Financials sends e-mail)

Morgan, Holly

Student Records sends e-mail)

Kristin, Kelsey

Perceptive Content/ImageNow sends e-mail)

Satina, Tevin, Delia

General Questions (e.g., logging in) sends e-mail)

Tom, Delia, Tevin, Erin, Anneli, Natalie