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Application Self Service Help

All completed applications regardless of school will be available within the Duke system.

  1. Once an application is submitted to Duke University, the applicant will receive an automated welcome email originating within 24-48 hours that will invite you to register with the Duke OneLink system.
  2. The link within the activation email can be clicked only once, and if the applicant does not complete activation at that time, the link cannot be used again. Applicants should make sure to set aside several minutes to set up a passowrd and some challenge questions.

If you did not receive an email with your activation link:

  • Please check your spam or junk mail folder.
  • If you cannot find it, please check your email options to confirm email from the domain is not in your blocked list.
  • To have the automated welcome email resent, please contact the OIT Service Desk.
  • Verify that your application has been received and added to the system by contacting your Admissions Office.

If you believe you didn't receive your activation email because the email address on file for you is incorrect, please contact your Admissions Office to have it corrected.

Once you have activated your account, you can handle forgotten passwords here:

If you are having technical problems activating your account, please contact the OIT Service Desk.

After OneLink Registration

Use this link to view your application only after registering a Duke OneLink account:


Who is eligible for a Duke OneLink ID?

Only applicants for Duke degrees are eligible to register for the Duke OneLink ID.

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What is my OneLink ID?

Your OneLink ID is created during registration in the Duke OneLink system. It can either be a OneLink external ID (using a social Login such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Yahoo) or a OneLink ID.

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Can I change my OneLink ID?

Once your OneLink ID has been activated, the value cannot be changed. You may still update your email address with the Admissions Office, but your original ID will remain your OneLink ID.

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I already have a Duke NetID. Do I still get a OneLink ID?

If you are a current or previously enrolled student, you will access your application by going into DukeHub and selecting "applicant" as your role.

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How long does my OneLink ID last?

Your OneLink ID will be valid as your role remains active; however, accepted students who matriculate will be granted a Duke NetID upon matriculation.

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Can I share my OneLink ID and password with my family and friends?

You are the only person who should ever use your OneLink ID and password! If someone has your OneLink ID and password, he or she can look at confidential information about you.

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What is a good password?

To protect your confidential information, please establish a STRONG password that meets the following Duke guidelines:
It must contain:

  • A minimum of 7 characters
  • A combination of upper and lower case letters
  • A number OR a special character: *!_^$#&%@^=~+-

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I clicked on a link, but nothing happened. What are some possible causes?

Browsers: Using older browser versions, non-compatible browsers or disabling browser features, such as Javascript, cookies and SSL, may reduce site functionality.

Pop-Up Blockers: If you have a pop-up blocker installed and on, it may prevent some functionality.

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