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If you did not receive an email with your activation link, please check your spam or junk mail folder. If you cannot find it, please check your email options to confirm email from the domain is not in your blocked list. You can then go to to initiate a new activation email that will allow you to set up your applicant account.

If you believe you didn't receive your activation email because the email address on file for you is incorrect, please contact the Admissions Office to have it corrected.

Once you have activated your account, you can handle forgotten passwords here:

If you are having technical problems activating your account, please contact the OIT Service Desk.


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Who is eligible for a Duke Applicant ID?

Applicant IDs are issued to Duke undergraduate degree applicants.

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What is my Applicant ID?

Your applicant id is the email address you provided with your application.

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Can I change my Applicant ID?

Once your Applicant ID has been activated, the value cannot be changed. You may still update your email address with the Admissions Office, but your original email address value will remain your Applicant ID.

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I already have a Duke NetID. Do I still get an Applicant ID?

Yes, Applicant IDs are issued in addition to Duke NetIDs. Applicant IDs grant access to information associated with a current application in PeopleSoft. NetIDs grant access to campus-wide NetID-enabled electronic services.

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How long does my Applicant ID last?

Your Applicant ID will be valid through mid-summer; however, accepted students who matriculate will be granted a Duke NetID upon matriculation that will replace the Applicant ID.

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Can I share my Applicant ID and password with my family and friends?

You are the only person who should ever use your Applicant ID and password! If someone has your Applicant ID and password, he or she can look at confidential information about you.

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What is a good password?

To protect your confidential information, please establish a STRONG password that meets the following Duke guidelines:
It must contain:

  • A minimum of 7 characters
  • A combination of upper and lower case letters
  • A number OR a special character: *!_^$#&%@^=~+-

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