Perceptive Content (ImageNow)


Perceptive Content 7.1 Client

Workstations requirements for scanning, viewing and linking document objects:

Perceptive Content Technical Specifications v7.1 Pdf

MacIntosh (client only)

Perceptive Content does not currently support operating the client on Macs, however Duke has tested and verified that the Perceptive Content client will work with a parallel operating system. For additional information please refer to Perceptive Content Mac Setup Instructions.PDF file We have not tested and cannot verify if the Scanner and scanner software will work with the Mac set-up.

Perceptive Content and PeopleSoft Browser Requirement:
When using Perceptive Content to interact with PeopleSoft, or another web-based system, Internet Explorer is the only browser supported by SISS at this time. Other browsers may be used by Perceptive Content but additional programming efforts are required at additional costs.