Proxy (Guest)

Proxy (guest) access is available in the student portal, DukeHub and with this functionality students can grant parents (primarily for undergraduates), employers, spouses (primarily for graduate and professional students), or others’ access to view certain elements of their record.  It gives the students control over the student academic data they share.  Students are able to select what access a particular proxy may have (e.g., the proxy can see the student’s bill, but not grades).  They can give different levels of access to different proxies.  The students can access this functionality in the profile section of their student center.

Items to note:

  • The proxy will have view-only access to most items.  They cannot, for instance, register for the student.  The only actions a proxy can take is to pay the student’s bill, or with the student's permission, update the student's medical insurance option. 
  • The provision of access by the student to the proxy does not replace or change university policy about administrators having discussions with parents or other relations about the student.   Current confidentiality and FERPA procedures should still be followed. 
  • Only the student can add, delete, or change the access given to a particular proxy.  If a parent calls and requests access of an administrative unit, the response should be for the parent to ask the student.  
  • The students will be informed of their FERPA rights and the implications of giving certain kinds of access.  Some managers have expressed concern that students may feel compelled to share information with parents, guardians, or spouses.  We would like advisors and administrators to counsel students to be judicious in granting access and to communicate that this service is entirely optional.  
Below is the list of the items to which students can grant access:


Class Schedule

Grades – Final/Mid-term

Academic History

Bursar Information:

Account Activity

Bills/Make A Payment


1098T Tax Form

Financial Aid:

Awards Package

Estimated Parent Contribution

To Do List

Student Financial Aid Budget

Loan History



Phone Numbers

Email Addresses


  Enter Insurance Information