All Faculty and Advisors access DukeHub via this URL: https://dukehub.duke.edu

  • Faculty access their courses via the Faculty Home link on the DukeHub landing page
  • Advisors access information regarding their advisees via the Admissions Home link on the DukeHub landing page
  • Depending on a faculty or advisor's role, access to the Department Center and Admissions Center is available on the menu
  • Faculty and/or Advisors with Staff roles can navigate between Advisory, Faculty and Staff home pages by changing their role in the upper right hand corner of the DukeHub Header:

For more information on how to navigate the new DukeHub, click here for Faculty and here for advisors!

If you are an instructor at Duke and require access, please use the SISS Access Request Form.  If you are a graduate faculty member and require access to admissions material, please contact your program’s DGSA (assistant to the director of graduate studies).