Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

In January of 2005 Perceptive Software, Inc.'s ImageNow product, was chosen as the university-supported imaging solution for student services applications that interface with the PeopleSoft system. This agreement allows for unlimited client and web seat license access for those Campus and Medical School departments that provide student, faculty and academic services, most specifically those who use SISS as their primary system of record. This license does not include imaging services for corporate administrative support functions and areas such as Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Payroll.

Perceptive Content document imaging, management and workflow provide the ability to reduce the cost of paper processes, enhance service and boost staff productivity. Able to stand-alone or to easily integrate with existing applications such as PeopleSoft, Perceptive Content captures all types of documents paper forms, faxes, e-mails and more into Perceptive Content's repository for easy access by users. Security allows for different users to have various levels of access to individual documents and notes. Workflow can then be used to improve or reengineer the day-to-day business by automating current manual paper intensive processes. Finally, imaging eliminates the need of long-term paper archives.

For Mac Users and those users who do not want to maintain the client on their desktop, we offer a remote desktop option. Users via the remote desktop connection are able to use all functionality except for printing and scanning documents into the system. If you would like to use the remote desktop application, please follow these instructions.

General Information: