Faculty & Advisors

All Faculty and Advisors access DukeHub via this URL: https://dukehub.duke.edu

  • Faculty access their courses via the Faculty Home link on the DukeHub landing page
  • Advisors access information regarding their advisees via the Admissions Home link on the DukeHub landing page
  • Depending on a faculty or advisor's role, access to the Department Center and Admissions Center is available on the menu
  • Faculty and/or Advisors with Staff roles can navigate between Advisory, Faculty and Staff home pages by changing their role in the upper right hand corner of the DukeHub Header:

  1. Does DukeHub work on a mobile device?
    Our current mobile platform will continue to work. Many pages in DukeHub render on a mobile device, however at this time not all do
  2. Is DukeHub built using a responsive design?
    Most of the redesigned pages are responsive. Our goal is that all will be in the future.
  3. What should I expect the performance to be?
    Through feedback, we know some pages load slower than expected for some individuals. We are monitoring those pages and are working toward optimal performance.
  4. Why do some of the pages/modals look like old ACES/STORM? Why were not all the pages redesigned?
    As with any project of this size and magnitude, there are time, resource and technological restraints. We felt that a continuous delivery model was the best way to get new pages out to users, receive feedback and still allow development to continue.
  5. How do I change the default term?
    There are two locations for setting a default term. On the first page, this sets the default for displays of data (Exams, Grades, Courses, etc.). On the Registration page, this sets the default for search for class search and registration. The two settings can be, and quite often will be, different.
  6. Why is there a default term?
    We have been asked why we make users set their own default term. We do not always know what data someone wants to view at any given time. Fall is easy, the vast majority of users want to view data in Fall. However, come April-August that is more difficult to calculate. Some students will have classes in Summer 1 and/or Summer 2, in addition to classes in Fall, while some prefer the display to remain on Spring for late grade additions. Many of our Graduate/Professional students teach courses as well as enroll in their own courses. Their needs for setting a default term are quite different than other students.

For more information on how to navigate the new DukeHub, click here for Faculty and here for advisors!