We are excited to announce that the new Student, Faculty and Advisor portal, DukeHub, will be implemented on Saturday August 6, 2016.

The URL for the DukeHub Portal is:


Once DukeHub is live, ACES will no longer be used. The URL will be re-directed to, and we recommend removing any bookmarks or links you may have that reference Separate communications are going out to students this week letting them know of the changes.


Once DukeHub is live, Faculty Center and Advisor Center links in STORM will no longer be available. You will access your advisees and courses via DukeHub. DukeHub will also have links to Admissions Center and Department Center. Most, but not all, Faculty and Advisors should no longer need to access STORM.

Faculty/Advisors with Administrative Roles

Faculty/Advisors who have administrative roles will need to use both SISS/STORM and Duke Hub. For example, advisors who work in the Bursar, Registrar, Financial Aid or other offices, will access DukeHub to manage their advisees and access SISS to manage their office duties. Departmental staff who are faculty or advisors will go to SISS to link with ImageNow on the Student Program/Plan page and DukeHub to manage their courses and advisees.


All of your current functionality in SISS/STORM is unchanged and you should use to access the system. We do plan to develop a Staff Portal in the coming year!